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personal website of ezra buchla, rarely maintained.

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selected discography / filmography:

2016 Claire Cronin, “Came Down a Storm” (viola)
2015 Chelsea Wolfe, “Abyss” (viola, vocals)
2015 Father Murphy, “Calvary” (viola, electronics)
2014 Father Murphy, “Pain is on our Side now” (vocals)
2013 Laida Lertxundi, “Utskor: Either/Or” (sound mix)
2013 Chelsea Wolfe, “Pain Is Beauty” (viola)
2013 Ezra Buchla, “At The Door” (writing, synth, vocals, viola)
2013 Clipping, “Midcity” (vocals)
2012 Chelsea Wolfe, “Unknown Rooms” (viola)
2012 Auto Da Fe, “Lizzie Borden” (viola)
2012 Whitman, “I’m Still Waiting” (viola)
2011 Whitman, “dog rose gall” (production, viola, synth)
2011 Laida Lertxundi, “A Lax Riddle Unit” film (sound mix)
2010 Emily Lacy, “Country Singer” (production)
2010 Emily Lacy, “Temples of the Mind” (instruments, production)
2010 Laida Lertxundi, “Cry When It Happens” film (sound mix)
2010 EMA, “Past Life Martyred Saints” (viola, synth, vocals)
2010 Gowns, “Broken Bones” (writing, vocals, viola, synth)
2009 Evangelista, “Prince of Truth” (viola)
2009 Gowns, “Live At The Smell” DVD (performer)
2008, Emily Lacy, “Myriad’ (electronics, etc)
2008 Cloudland Canyon, “Lie In Light” (viola, synth)
2008 Ezra Buchla, “Untitled” cassette (synth)
2006 Laida Lertxundi, “Wish You Were Here” film (sound mix and composition)
2007 Gowns, “Red State” (writing, production, singing, instruments)
2006 Carla Bozulich, “Evangelista” (viola, mandolin, computer)
2005 Gowns, “Dangers of Intimacy” (writing, production, singing, instruments)
2005 Laida Lertxundi, “Farce Sensationelle” film (sound mix and composition)
2005 Mae Shi, “Do Not Ignore The Potential” (writing, singing, electronics)
2005 Mae Shi, “Lock The Skull, Load The Gun” DVD (performer)
2004 Amps for Christ, “The People At Large” (viola)
2004 Mae Shi, “Heartbeeps” (writing, singing, electronics)
2003 Mae Shi, “Terrorbird” (writing, singing, production, instruments)